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Toothsmiths' Full Service Dental Lab services that we can provide:

• Case planning
• Educational Seminars
• Cosmetic restorations
• Crowns and bridges
• Full gold crowns
• Full mouth reconstructions
• Fixed and removable dentures
• Guided surgery planning support
• Guided surgery templates; full arch and partially endentulous
• Radiographic scan appliances
• Esthetic composite temporaries
• Precision and semi-precision attachments
• Implant supported restorations
• Patient specific abutments
• Titanium milled abutments
• Hybrid dentures
• Nightguards and bite appliances

Toothsmiths Guarantee

Toothsmiths guarantees satisfaction with the workmanship and materials of the dental appliances we fabricate. If the appliance is not acceptable at the time of receipt, we will adjust, repair, or replace the appliance. Simply return the appliance with an explanation of the problem and a description of how it should be adjusted, repaired or replaced. Returned non-conforming units will become the property of Toothsmiths Inc.

*please call regarding items that have been received more than 60 days prior to insertion.
**please call regarding any item that has been inserted and in the mouth.
NOTE: items that are swallowed or fracture while inserted will be reviewed on a case by case situation. Items returned due to inaccurate or incomplete instructions on RX will be charged accordingly