Case Scheduling CALL 717-626-8806
1. Print RX from RX Form link on website
2. Complete all information (gender, age, shade, etc.), noting the desired return (delivery) date. Return date must be at least two days BEFORE the patient's scheduled appointment.
3. If you include implant parts or special items, note them clearly on the RX form. For implant cases, include a copy of the surgical report.
4. Make a copy of the completed script for your records.
5. Include an impression of the prep site, the opposing model or impression, and a bite index, as well as an impression or model of patient approved temporaries.
6. Disinfect all items before placing them in the delivery box.
For local area pick-up: Put the disinfected items in a zip-seal plastic bag, then place bag in the shipping box. Call (717) 626-8806 to request pick up. To ensure same-day service, call before 9 am. Our drivers are on the road each morning, Monday through Friday by 9 am., returning to the lab by 1 p.m..
Outside local area: Follow procedure above, then continue as noted below. UPS and FED EX are reliable shipping options.
Carefully place all items in lab box as follows:

Layer bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Roll bubble wrap and snake the wrap around the models to create a nest.

Place any models side by side.

Place double layer of bubble wrap on top of these models.
Carefully place the impression and bite in the box: Include the RX and surgical report and any photos and top with another layer of
bubble wrap.

The box should close securely and not rattle or shift.
Place a shipping label on the outside top and tape the box closed.

Deposit the box at the nearest UPS or FedX box drop off center, or hand to the UPS or FedX driver when they are in your office. (Please do check which delivery service you
have chosen.)

Make note of the tracking number on your copy of the RX.
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Payment terms
For individual invoices, payment is expected within 14 days of fulfillment. Customers with multiple invoices will receive a statement at the end of each month. Statement payments are due on or before the fifteenth of the next month. A fee of 1.2 per cent will be added to all late or unpaid accounts. By sending a case to us, you agree to these terms and conditions. We accept checks, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.